Based in Baltimore, I write about science, public health, food systems, flora and fauna (including humans). 

My stories have appeared in The Atlantic CityLabAudubonThe New York Times, Utne Reader; science blogs like Civil Eats, New Food Economy and Last Word on Nothing; and local magazines like Baltimore Style

I earned a bachelor's degree at Columbia University, a master of arts at Johns Hopkins University (The Writing Seminars) and have done fellowships at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. 

No, I'm not related to Beppe Grillo. In other news, according to a wild and unfounded family legend, I'm descended from a Sicilian prince who earned the nickname il grillo for his ceaseless hopping.

Here are some cute baby animal videos.

== Admiring Wendell Berry, 2016 ==                == hiking in Garret County, Maryland ==               == short next to Will Allen, 2012 ==                 == with Cathrine Sneed, 2018 ==